Tom began playing the guitar and piano as a teenager – 

 Tom began playing the guitar and piano as a teenager. While learning the popular songs of the time he thirsted to create his own as well. Having written a multitude of songs ranging from soft elegant ballads to powerfully vibrant rock tunes he always tries to keep them interesting and poignant.

  As time went on he became friends with like minded musicians and they began forming original bands. through the 70’s, 80”s, 90’s  and up to and including the present day he has anchored highly tooled progressive rock bands.

  Currently his creativity finds him in the acoustic realm where he has teamed up with David Silva to fashion a duo that enjoys performing a mix of covers and originals. Together they strive to create interesting arrangements and harmonies.

Says Tom; “Playing music and songwriting is like medicine or therapy. It’s just what the doctor ordered.”



A little past history – 

David met Tom when David used to run the open microphone at The Coyote Country Coffeehouse in Crest where Tom was a sometime guest solo artist. At the time David was playing Davidbass and singing with the bluegrass jazz band The GrandDaddyos who decided to downsize, the Coyote was closing, and David was reforging Naked Voices as Singchronicity. Tom mentioned he was looking for a bass player for I-Witness and David filled the spot.

When Tom and David were at one of the weekly I-Witness rehearsals, Tom mentioned he was interested in forming a duo to play coffeehouses and other local small gigs. David joined Tom in his local experiment called Tom Baird & Friends at Rebecca’s Coffeehouse playing bass. After a few performances this way they both thought adding a drum would be more engaging for audiences, so David took up d’jembe. He soon became the main “friend” & the duo became a staple at Rebecca’s. As a few years went by this way the subject of a name came up – from fans and ourselves. Although David still thinks Peep & Tom is the best name, Tom wanted to be Mr. Stuffy Pants and go with Baird & Silva – so here they are 🙂

David founded the a’cappella group ‘TAG’ in the early ’90’s. ‘TAG’ sang all over the county, did backing vocals for local artists, and sung the ‘National Anthem’ for sporting events, including the Padres and the Gulls. ‘TAG’ morphed into ‘Naked Voices’ which in turn morphed into ‘Singchronicity’. Somewhere in there was also the short-lived ‘Tenacity’.

Today David divides his musical energies between ‘I-Witness’, (Originals only “power rock”) playing bass guitar and singing, Singchronicity, where he sings whatever is required and dabbles with vocal percussion, sound consulting, sitting in and subbing with several of our wonderful local San Diego music artists, and of course Baird & Silva; an electronic yet folky duo (at times we could be a quintet) with our ritualistically original name, playing the Local Music scene around town.

David has also acted in community theater in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (with the scars to prove it), ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, ‘The Boys Next Door’, ‘Christmas Of ’44’, and several ‘radio’ plays for live audiences.

David is the founding and only member of the “Not a Dave, but you can call me Davido” club, David has been involved in singing since he can remember and instrumental music since the age of 10. Early collaborations include the groups Toosoul, Angstrom Maxis, Harlequin, Jerry and the Backups, and Uncle Fungus.

David’s hobbies include singing (duh!), guitar, bass guitar, d’jembe and other percussive devices including himself, sound for live shows, technology in general, and what seems like the ever constant repairs and upgrades of his strange and wonderful home.